Summer Can Be Harsh on the Teeth, Visiting a Pediatric Dentist Can Help

As the summer starts to wrap up, many parents should start thinking about scheduling an appointment for their children to visit a pediatric dentist. While summer is a great deal of fun, and parents enjoy having the children home from school, as the family vacations are coming to a close it is important to stop and take the steps necessary to protect a child's teeth for the long-term. This step involves scheduling a routine appointment to come in and see the pediatric dentist so that any problems that may have started during the summer can be caught and addressed early and quickly.

Summer fun can mean more risks to dental health

Summertime is a great time to enjoy spending outdoors, and this often comes with activities that can be harmful to teeth. This includes rough play and eating far too much ice cream and sweet treats.

Activities that can damage teeth

During the summer much time is spent outdoors, including spending time in parks, at the beach, or at the swimming pool. It is also a time when kids are very active playing outside, doing things like riding their bikes and tossing the ball around. Because of this, we have found that accidents are commonplace which often lead to damaged teeth. Sometimes the tooth may not be damaged enough to be immediately apparent but may have underlying damage which could lead to complications if it is not addressed. An examination will determine the extent of the damage and any fixes that need to be done.

Oral health care during summer

One of the most common complaints we have from parents, coming off of summer, is that children do not take adequate care of their teeth during the summer months. With all the excitement of summer, often leading to late nights and activities like camping, children tend to forget that they need to brush their teeth at least twice a day for several minutes. This is made even more complicated by parents who are also may not enforce oral health as strictly because of the enjoyment and relaxation of the summertime. As a result of a child may have a buildup of plaque, or even have underlying decay that can lead to cavities if not addressed quickly and appropriately.

Foods that cause issues

Over the summer months, there is nobody, including pediatric dentists, who do not enjoy the occasional campfire and things like S'more's. However, a lot of the foods that are consumed during the summer months have high quantities of sugar in them. For example, the ever-beloved S'more's, are marshmallows and chocolate which are incredibly high in sugar and if not correctly removed from the teeth can lead to cavities. Also, children tend to drink a lot of sweet and sugary drinks during the summer months to help them stay cool. This too can lead to damage to the enamel, cavities and the early onset of gum disease. It is therefore critically important to make sure that the children are involved in proper oral health care, and also that they come into see the pediatric dentist to ensure that any problems, which may occur, are treated early and quickly.

Schedule an appointment

As the summer winds down, and before children become heavily involved in the school activities, it is a great time to schedule an appointment to come in and see the pediatric dentist. Give us a call today so that we can fit you into our schedule.

Request a dental appointment here: or call Milestones Children & Family Dentistry at (813) 518-0641 for an appointment in our Lutz dental office.

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