Kids’ Dental Hygiene: 7 Important Tips

Proper dental hygiene in children is as important, if not more so, than adults. Kids' dental hygiene and health can determine many factors about their dental health in the future, such as gum health, teeth placement and oral hygiene. Without … Continued

What is Pediatric Dental Care?

Your child’s dental health, especially after they start teething, should never be taken for granted. Pediatric dental care is a guaranteed way of ensuring your child’s oral health and help in preventing cases of dental diseases like tooth decay. Pediatric … Continued

Learn About a Kids’ Dental Cleaning

A kids dental cleaning is one of the best ways to improve a child's oral health and reduce the likelihood of them developing tooth decay. This is such an essential part of oral hygiene that we recommend scheduling these visits … Continued

Important Pediatric Dental Information

Looking for PEDIATRIC DENTAL CARE near the 33548 area? Call Milestones Children & Family Dentistry at (813) 518-0641. Think that you need to find out a little more about pediatric dental care because you have a child who is in … Continued

Problems With One of Your Child’s Teeth? A Baby Root Canal May Be Necessary

Wondering if your child needs a baby root canal? If your child is complaining about one or more of their teeth bothering them, it may be necessary for them to have a root canal performed. While root canals have gotten … Continued

4 Tips to Follow During a Kids’ Teeth Straightening Treatment

Straightening a kid's teeth is easier than most parents realize. By visiting our orthodontic office, it is possible to straighten your child’s teeth with minimal discomfort or effort. We take care of the hard part – applying the braces. Then, … Continued

Is Your Child’s Tooth in Jeopardy? A Pulpotomy May Be Needed

Thinking your child might need a pulpotomy because they are in risk of losing one or more of their teeth? It is almost always better to save a child’s tooth rather than pull it, even if it is one of … Continued

Summer Can Be Harsh on the Teeth, Visiting a Pediatric Dentist Can Help

As the summer starts to wrap up, many parents should start thinking about scheduling an appointment for their children to visit a pediatric dentist. While summer is a great deal of fun, and parents enjoy having the children home from … Continued

A Kids’ Emergency Dentist Can Fix a Tooth in One Day Using Dental Bonding

One of the tools we have as a kids’ emergency dentist is dental bonding. This is a restorative solution that we regularly use to fix teeth that have been cracked or chipped. With how busy and active children are, it … Continued

We Make a Dental Checkup for Kids Fun

A dental checkup for kids is nothing to be worried about having to do. We complete them on a regular basis, and our young patients typically look forward to them. This occurrence is something that surprises many parents since it … Continued