Important Pediatric Dental Information

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Think that you need to find out a little more about pediatric dental care because you have a child who is in need of dental services? A pediatric dentist is someone who is focused on treating dental patients from infancy up to the age of 18. Children and teenagers in this age group have different dental needs than adults, which is why a dentist will need to complete another two years of residency training.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a pediatric dentist has the experience and qualifications to care for a child’s teeth, gums and mouth throughout the various stages of childhood.

What is pediatric dental care?

So, what do pediatric dentists do? They focus on providing the pediatric dental care both children and teenagers need on an ongoing basis. A dentist whose focus is on pediatrics will not only complete four years of dental school, but they will also complete another two years in order to learn more about treating infants, children and teenagers. A pediatric dentist is also someone who can treat children and teenagers who have special needs. When someone has special needs and requires any form of dental treatment, a dentist who is trained in dealing with special needs patients is an important part of their treatment plan.

Examples of pediatric dental care

While a pediatric dentist can provide both children and teenagers with the dental care they need for their good oral health, they can also provide a few additional dental services. This includes counseling parents on how to get their child to stop sucking their thumb or pacifier and whether their child or teenager's teeth are going to need braces.

When it comes to providing children and teens with regular dental care, a pediatric dentist has the education and knowledge necessary to not only keep them in the chair, they also know what to say so the patients will keep coming back.

Can we answer any questions for you?

Are you currently in need of pediatric dental care? If you have a child or teenager who needs to see a dentist, then making an appointment with a pediatric dentist is a great idea. This can be especially beneficial for children or teenagers who avoid going to the dentist for one reason or another. If you happen to have any questions or need advice on how to get your child or teen to the dental office, simply give us a call when you have a few moments to spare. We are here for you!

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