Problems With One of Your Child’s Teeth? A Baby Root Canal May Be Necessary

Wondering if your child needs a baby root canal? If your child is complaining about one or more of their teeth bothering them, it may be necessary for them to have a root canal performed. While root canals have gotten a bad reputation over the years, it is a fairly simple dental procedure that is performed to save a tooth. When it comes to saving or losing a tooth, it is always best to save a natural tooth. Our teeth were meant to last a lifetime, making it crucial for anyone who is experiencing problems with their teeth to seek out possible solutions.

Problems with children’s teeth

Two of the more common problems that children experience with their teeth include experiencing tooth decay because they are not practicing proper dental care and experiencing dental trauma that is putting the tooth in jeopardy. It is often difficult for children to properly take care of their teeth, as they are young and still learning. When parents and children brush their teeth together, children are less likely to be diagnosed with cavities.

What exactly is a baby root canal?

When one of a child’s baby teeth has tooth decay that has created a cavity that is so deep, it is now affecting part of the tooth’s nerves, then there is a good chance that the child will need to have a root canal performed in order to fix the tooth. An experienced dentist will carefully remove the damaged nerve and then fill the tooth back up using a special material. A dental cap is then placed over the tooth in order to keep it strong.

Is a baby root canal really necessary?

A root canal performed on baby teeth is indeed necessary if the cavity is so bad that it is affecting the tooth’s nerve. A root canal performed on a child is not as complicated as a root canal performed on adults. To ease parents’ minds, root canals for children are safe.

Have any questions we can answer for you now?

Have any questions about what a baby root canal involves or any other questions that can help you understand what you need to do to fix your child’s teeth? It is necessary for you to address the challenge of finding out why your child is experiencing tooth problems. Once you do, you can take the next step so you can find a solution that will help solve the issue of your child’s tooth problems. Our entire dental team truly cares about you and your child’s dental health, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

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